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myData = { "description": "Awesome","license": "Open Source: MIT" };
myBerryForm = {      
    "attributes": myData,
        { "label": "Description", "name": "description" 
          "options": ["Awesome","Easy","Simple"]
        { "label": "License", "name": "license" }

The Build vs. Buy debate is over, and "Enterprise Scale" app development has been handed off to the vendors. Nevertheless, organizations still have need for custom "Micro-Applications" which fill the gaps those off-the-shelf systems miss.

Escher Labs has developed a suite of open-source utilities and consulting services which make Micro-App development more accessible than ever before.


Graphene is a fully featured Application Development and Content Management Engine built on top of Laravel 5.

Leveraging Berry, BerryTables, Cobler, uAppEngine, Mustache, and Bootstrap together into one streamlined system, Graphene makes developing and deploying Micro-Applications incredibly simple.

With built-in permissions and access management, secure RESTful web service integrations, and an out-of-the box web based IDE, development to deployment time is faster than ever.

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Example Projects

Binghamton University's myBinghamton Portal

Utilizing Berry.js, BerryTables.js, and uAppEngine.js, Binghamton University's ITS built out a fully functional dynamic portal application. By leveraging Berry and BerryTables for much of the custom administrative management interfaces, the teams was able to drastically reduce the amount of development time required. Additionally, in utilizing the uAppEngine, Binghamton Universiy was able to create numerous custom Micro-Applications for all sorts of content including Laundry and Bus tracking widgets, as well as workflows for managing the complex commencement signup process.

Student Opinion of Teaching System

Working inside their myBinghamton portal, Binghamton University ITS programmers utlized Berry.js in conjunction with uAppEngine.js to develop a fully interactive application for submitting, requesting, and presenting student course feedback.

CloudBerry (

Serving as a testbed for the capabilities of Berry, BerryTables, and other derived Berry.js utilities, CloudBerry was developed to enable non-programmers the ability to create rich toolsets, calculators, and workflows without ever writing a single line of code.

Binghamton's Starfish Integration

Relying heavily on Berry.js and BerryTables.js, Binghamton University ITS programmers developed a rich supplemental interface to augment the limited integration capabilities of Starfish CONNECT. Leveraging a custom back-end database and RESTful API, the ITS staff was able to use Berry / BerryTables to quickly construct a robust user interface for browsing, adding, and updating advisor / advisee relationships not otherwise captured in Starfish or Binghamton's SIS.

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About The Team

With two decades of experience in leading edge software development technologies spanning defense, healthcare, academia, and others, the team has a unique insight into the common business processes and workflows which pop up across each of these industries.

Originally developed for their own projects, the team has since Open-Sourced their substantial catalog of libraries, utilities, and frameworks which optimize away the vast majority of business application development tasks common to each of these industries. The end result is a suite of tools which make application development, integration, and deployment a virtually "turnkey" task.

Working with Universities, Businesses, and other institutions, Escher Labs additionally provides custom software development, training, support, and hosting services around their suite of Open Source products.

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